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OOAL SETLIST #10 10-01-11

My Name Is Mud/Primus
Let Go/Everest
Let Go/Frou Frou
Let’s Go To Bed/The Cure
*BEARD OF THE DAY* The Nightbird/Tyler Ramsey
Two Birds/Regina Spektor
The Birds/Elbow
Animal/Neon Trees
Tamer Animals/Other Lives
Animal/Pearl Jam
Landlocked Blues/Bright Eyes *TRIBUTE*
One for You, One for Me/Bright Eyes
Sharks Can’t Sleep/Tracy Bonham
‘Thieves’/Last American Buffalo
(Nice Dream)/Radiohead
*LOCAL ANESTHETIC* Metamorphosis/The Alternates
*RANDOMS* Babe I’m Gonna Leave You/Led Zeppelin
Sleepless/Soul Coughing
Knots/Lisa Hannigan
Well Ok Honey/Jenny O
Ffunny Ffriends/Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Let It Whip/Dazz Band